If you look up how to start a blog, many of the results will return listicles of the do’s and dont’s of this format and there’s one that always pisses me off: FIND YOUR NICHE

Starting out yes, it’s good to have a main focus but going forward you WILL be stuck with the same focus. My main goal/aim of creating this blog is that it doesn’t confirm to this. I personally believe that any content created whether that be music, movies, games or online content while it falls under our interest palette (genre or topic) we always gravitate towards certain creators too. 

This will probably fracture your audience upon change but there will always be fans of your work regardless of topic. This is where I want to take the direction of this blog and youtube channel, hopefully the personal touch will appeal and the audience will be here for the creators and not necessarily the content. 

A good example of this is gaming content on Youtube or Twitch, while there is gamers who focus solely on one game there are variety gamers who play all manner of games while still attracting an audience and the main reason for this is that they are there for the personality as apposed to the gameplay. I also have to add that  don’t mean to detract from people who focus solely on one area but the above example nicely ties into my goal of creating this blog.

Over time I do plan to bring in contributors and guests but currently it will just be myself and I hope you understand this choice of not focusing on being a niche site, I’d love to hear comments for either side of the argument though and feedback is always welcome 🙂


3 thoughts on “WE ARE NOT A NICHE BLOG

  1. I agree completely. When I started my own blog I decided that it would be first and foremost a platform for me to write about anything. Without restriction. I still adhere to this philosophy now.

    Well written.


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