Why I hate conventional media

We all consume content from watching tv to reading books and magazines. Over the last few years and with the advent of accessible broadband the internet has brought invidiual and cooperative content to the masses. You’re just a click away. I have almost stopped watching TV except for the occassional guilty pleasure programme or for background noise while I do something else. Most of my TV/Movie based watching comes in the form of a Netflix subscription. Picking and choosing when and what we watch not going with the fat cat all for profit of a tv station. Mainstream and conventional media is mainstream for a reason, catered to the lowest common denominator of mass market and rarely ever showing any originality or creativity with the very odd exception.

Think of any BIG tv show, that watercooler show and the only one in the UK that is actually shown on physical tv is Game of Thrones and even then it’s on a paid service. The rest of the big tv hitters Breaking Bad, Sons Of Anarchy, Stranger Things, House of Cards and Mr Robot are shown on Netflix or Amazon Prime, being binge watched to submission but it also fits into the hectic day to day life we current life. We all can’t be sat around the tv at 9pm to watch a show, we work night shifts, socialise more and with the plethora of content available we try and find in an episode when we can. And yes I know there are DVRS but when the big shows aren’t even on TV you know TV is slacking in general and needs to step up to the mark.

And don’t even get me started on Holywood, rehashing and rebooting everything that we once held dear. If a movie does well you can immediately assume that there is sequels already being written. And the only one I’m ACTUALLY excited for is Deadpool 2 because it proves my point quite well. For years we’ve had comic book after comic book adaptation with the same formulaic action only changing when they try and cram as many of their box office besties into an ensemble movie. Then Deadpool came out and straight up ripped the piss out of this, in joke after in joke was threw at us and the Merc with a Mouth was for me the best comic book movie in recent time because while a comic book movie in essence it twisted the genre into genuine comedy rather than good vs evil and good eventually  winning in a haze of CGI explosions and more lycra than a bargain sports store.

Maybe I’m being a grumpy old man but the mainstream has gone and passed by me and I couldn’t be happier, I would rather spend an extra ten minutes searching and finding great, interesting and engaging content than be forced to sit through either the 100th reality tv show or a movie with so many sequels the character should just start making a daily vlog.



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