I’m old but I really want to skateboard

I’m slowly encroaching on the ripe old age of 30 this coming October and on the whole I’m pretty ok with that fact, it’s just another number and you are only as young as you feel and at the minute I still feel like a 17 year old at heart. This leads onto lately I’ve been looking at getting another skateboard. Honestly I haven’t set foot on a board since I WAS 17 but I keep passing shop windows and I really really want to get a board. Mainly to recapture some youthful exurberance but it will also help keep me fit, add a controllable amount of fear into mundane days. Everyone falls off a skateboard at some. Lastly I’ll be able to get places that little bit quicker and having fun while I’m doing it.

Here comes the but….

I know I’m coming 30 and this worries me purchasing a skateboard as it is seen as a youthful endeavour brought along by teens loitering around shopping centre car parks popping heelflips and smoking 10 packs of cigarettes. I think it would be a comical sight to see myself skateboard around the town but I’m thinking fuck it I’m now old enough not to give a shit. There is also the fact I live in Northern Ireland and generally society here is a bit backwards in it’s regard of something that breaks the norm so I would get more than my fair share of bypassers stares and possibly comments. It also doesn’t help the fact that I’d be an old man rocking up to the local skatepark being at around 10yrs older than the average age there. But again though who really gives a shit.

Another con would be the injuries, I am now an adult with responsibilities not the carefree teenager I once was. Doing speed on a wooden board around concrete will hurt when I fall off and everyone falls off, ok maybe  not Tony Hawk and his buds, but for the most part I will fall and fall lots. So I can’t really endure the injuries involved, broken wrists and ankles aren’t ideal for a 30 year old man. Plus being older my body won’t heal itself just as quickly so what would have been a week injury will now prolong itself and in worst case scenario terms may cause lasting damage. Is it really worth it?

I keep weighing up the options and I think I might just get a cheap board somewhere and get a feel for it again and see how I get on without spending hundreds on a complete setup. I’ll keep you posted if I do get one though.


I’d love to hear what you think about skating at an older age? Would you do it? And also is there anything that you do that isn’t quite seen as age appropriate?



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