Meet The Creators #2: Rob Sellig

In the second part of my Meet The Creators, I had the chance to talk to Rob Sellig, a bonafide Jack of All Trades. The guy streams on Twitch, makes vlogs, creates gaming youtube videos and always seems to be working. The work ethic alone is an inspiration. Couple that with the welcoming New Jersey spirit and Rob’s trajectory keeps aiming higher and higher in the digital world. In the fast moving gaming world of Twitch and Youtube, Rob takes the time and concentrates on audience interaction and entertainment with a production quality to rival some of the biggest hitters.

I was luck enough to be able to ask him a few questions about life on Twitch, vlogging and “the grind”



Can you let us know where we can find you online?

You can find me online at

Twitter: @RobSellig

Youtube: I Am Vitality

Instagram: @RobSellig

You stream on Twitch, you create videos for Youtube and you vlog? Which would you say is your favourite type of content and why?

Yes, I stream, create YouTube Videos and Vlog. As for my favorite content to create, it all varies as each has it’s pros and cons from time to time.

Streaming allows you to interact with your viewers instantly and I love that about Twitch, but doing YouTube has an Aesthetic purpose of actually creating something that takes hours to do for others to love and watch and Vlogging plays a role in that as well.


What is the biggest difference from streaming online to creating a Youtube video? Does the presence of a live audience help or hinder?

As I mentioned in the previous question, streaming let’s you be you with the immediate interaction of fellow viewers. Even though you’re playing a game solo, you’re really playing that game with all of the viewers in your chat.

It really creates a sense of bonding with strangers who all end up becoming really good friends who all enjoy the same thing. As for YouTube and creating videos, you don’t get that instant interaction but in the end receive the satisfaction of creating something for the whole world to see and enjoy. Having a Live Audience helps alot as it breaks you out of a shell and really shows your true light as an Entertainer.

Do you find to stay on top or give a competitive edge that you HAVE to do Youtube aswell if you’re streaming?

You absolutely don’t have to do both YouTube or Streaming, I know a lot of big streamers who would never do YouTube and vice versa. Each Platform has it’s own personality and not everyone can grasp both to conquer. A big reason to do both is to further your community and brand you’re trying to grow and create and to expand your content for others to enjoy.


Gaming is a fast moving genre with trends and games rising and falling in popularity? Do you find this affect your choices in what games to play? And would you choose to play a game that you loved but wouldn’t be seen as “popular”

First thing about gaming is, ALWAYS play what you want. Everyone has their personal preference and that makes every game popular in my eyes. Don’t just play a game because everyone else is playing it, play a game because you have fun playing it. It kills me when I see people playing games they don’t enjoy in hopes they grow bigger, when it’s really a person’s personality that really grows.

How do you find inspiration for topics to focus on with your Youtube vlog?

Funny you ask that, because all topics and ideas just come randomly while I’m doing daily things. I’m one who just goes with it and if it works it works, if it doesn’t it doesn’t.

What type of entertainment mediums do you enjoy in your free time?

In my free time I’m still grinding away at ideas, business ideas, brands etc. It’s a never ending venture with me, I’m in it to succeed and to succeed you need to never stop until you do.


Do you have a preferred social media platform to help connect with your audience?

Twitter hands down, it’s the best Social site to connect with your community and other creators as well.

Do you find it hard to fit it into your lifestyle?

This is my lifestyle, a never ending waterfall of work and ideas. So in saying that, it fits right in with everything else. It’s become part of my life and I have a feeling it always will be.

In a spin on the old ideal dinner guests questions, who would be your 3 ideal guest to have feature/collaborate with on your twitch stream or youtube channels?

Oh man, this is a tough one haha. I’d have to say my buddy Nick (@Marksman) I’ve known him for years and have watched him succeed and grow on YouTube and twitch but never got the chance to collab with him. Second person would have to be Casey Neistat, I love that guys views on everything and just so outgoing and loving life, It would be killer to hang with him for just one day. Third would probably be Logic (Rapper) Besides his music he’s heavily into gaming and uploads YouTube videos all the time, he’s just a genuine dude who has a good soul.


If you had unlimited time and budget what would be the dream goal for your content?

If there was such a thing I would be producing the best possible content for people around the globe to enjoy, Travel Vlogs would be all the time bringing all those with me through the lens. My main goal is to bring a Positive outlook to those who say they can’t, to let people know dreams come true if you really put your mind to it and are persistent. So many amazing good ideas get buried in the ground because those individuals never had anyone who believed in them or they didn’t believe in themselves.

What are your favourite tools and equipment to use? 

I use a plethora of equipment, from multiple mixers Mixers, multiple mic set ups etc. My favorite is my Mics though, I’m a huge Audio nerd and it just plays a big part of any content so I’m always tinkering with different mics, mixers, compressors etc.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Rob for his cooperation on this series, you should all go give him a follow, especially if you’re into your gaming. One of the friendliest most genuine content creators around with the skill and production to match his crazy crazy work ethic and personality.

Hopefully you all are enjoying this series as much as I am creating it. Let me know in the comments what you think.




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