Resources to improve your videography

Being someone who is still new to the world of videography but with always having a passion for filming I wanted to improve my knowledge and shooting abilities, how to compose frames better, using lighting to help the scene, technical aspects such as frame rates and grading I started to learn the process of improving from recording video to actually thinking about filming. There is a difference, the same as everyone can take a photograph you need to understand the components to produce a good photograph or that everyone can write but you need to understand the nuances of language and plot points to write a good story.

I want to share some sites, youtubers and forums that can help you step up your videography game whether it be editing techniques, sound design or asking questions related to yourself I hope to cover all bases here.




Peter is a Canadian photographer and videographer who recently started getting massive on Youtube. Currently at 500k subscribers within a short few months, he is getting all the credit he rightfully deserves. With experience working with media and film for a magic company and now freelancing, his channel is a nice mix of insightful vlogs and tutorials based on all aspects of the creative lifestyle, mixing in amazing B roll and drone footage he elevates the standard talking head type tutorial we usually find.



Justin Odisho is an editing wizard, from breakdowns of that crazy Kendrick Lamar ‘Humble’ video to simple effects and transitions, Justin provides a peak behind the curtain on how to get the results that pros get with minimal effort in an entertaining and informative way. Mainly using the Adobe suite of programs a lot of the tips can be applied and used in all NLE’s and there is some generic video creator stuff to learn too, there is also the occasional vlog for entertainment.



The reddit videography sub-reddit is full of people like you and me, people who work 9-5 have a “normal” life but also love filmmaking as a hobby. From posts about new cameras and critques, this sub is the perfect place to ask any video related questions and from my experience they’re a super friendly bunch of people. There also r/filmmakers and other film subs but I’m including this as the best starter place for people looking to get into this as a hobby.



No Film School is like buzzfeed for film makers from DIY hacks and industry info to new camera equipment it breaks things down into bit-size articles focusing on the key points. It has been going for several years so it may be hard to get into completely at the start but it is worth searching through for questions or topics that interest you. There is also an active forum of like-minded people along with indie creators and pros, so worth checking in there with any queries too.



I’ve already wrote about why I love Casey Neistat but wanted to include him as he is killing it on Youtube, plus his 10min vlogs are entertaining in their own right without the wonderful cinematography, drone footage and timelapses, this is a mainstream creator using mainstream techniques in a digital format and the results speak for themselves. Pour a coffee, read through r/videography while you watch a Neistat vlog and you’ll be golden.



Hopefully you enjoyed this post, these are just a few creators and places I go to improve my knowledge on filmmaking and a lot of them make the learning fun without going into the full technical side of the medium straight away. Go check them out and then get shooting.




3 thoughts on “Resources to improve your videography

  1. As a newbie i already discovered most of your above mentioned suggestions not all! :p and they are really good. i also love Brandon Li’s work and turtorials. He is inspirational!
    This is very informative post! thank you

    Liked by 1 person

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