Weekly Photo Post (15/05/17)

Starting a new blog post series of Weekly Photo Posts to help deconstruct my photos of the week from the reasons I wanted to take the photo to techniques that I learnt and why I like the photos enough to post them.

Feel free to comment below if you liked the series or why you don’t like them, constructive criticism is always welcome. If we don’t seek knowledge we’ll never grow.

All photos have been taken from my instagram within the last week up until today (15h May)



This was taken at Bangor, Co. Down on a day out and I like the way the posts split the photo up along with the subject in the centre and horizon on the top third. I feel it creates a minimal yet full picture. With my edit I wanted to warm it up as for NI it was a very hot day and wanted to create an Italian style vibe to increase the tone.



This was taken of a car park facing Central Station in Belfast, and I love the way the white lines contrast with the shadowy bottom third. It also feels interesting with the person walking past and gives it more human feeling rather than empty if he wasn’t in it. I love the minimalism of the lines again mixed with a busy bottom third. Minimal editing on this, just simple cleaning up and making the white pop.


wired city hall (1 of 1)

This was taken on the roof of Castlecourt car park, Belfast. I had the idea for this one in work of getting a higher vantage point to photo Belfast City Hall and feel like the wire mesh out of focus creates an interesting foreground and adds depth to a standard city shot. I edited this one with a cooler deeper tone to make the city a bit more grimy and dirty to tie in with the voyeuristic feel of the photo.



This was taken at the same car park and is of the foothpath leading around the car park, I wanted to capitalise on the interesting blue leading lines and the texture of the concrete peeking through the paint. I edited to accentuate this and give it a dirty feel.



This is again from the same car park but I wanted to test out my new Panasonic 25mm f1.7 lens with some creative bokeh. I always wanted to create a “this is how bad my eyesight” photos. The edit isn’t great I feel, with bit too much noise on the bokeh and the reach of the lens adds some pixelation into the glass lens but I feel it’s an interesting creative photo that helped me learn some of my gear.


scottish provident

This building always reminds me of The Continental building in John Wick, which is actually Flatiron in NYC. I wanted my edit to feel more cinematic and low contrasty and like the composition of rules of thirds and the leading lines from the sides. Now I just need to do my own stunts.


So there we have it, my first Weekly post along with some insight into why and how I took the picture. I’d love to hear what you think about my photos as well as if you shoot too, as wells looking more creative photographers and videographers to follow.



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