Yesterday DJI formally announced their new Spark series, the smallest drone they’ve ever built. To put it into comparison with the wings out the Spark isn’t much bigger than an iPhone 5S and looks about half the size as it’s “bigger” brother the Mavic.


The Spark is geared towards entry level drone users and people who want to just add a new dimension to hiking trips, sports or family events without the hassle and learning curve involved in the bigger drones. Starting out at £519 and £699 for a Fly More package that usually includes an extra battery and a few accessories. So the price point is a bonus and comes in around half the price of the Mavic OR the same kind of price as a used Phantom 3.


The biggest plus for the Spark is it’s size, it’s tiny and can fit in camera bags or coat pockets with ease, although it doesn’t output in 4K only 1080p the ease of use and size negates the fact, most people using the drone won’t be too upset about the 4K. It does however include all the flight tech that DJI are known from Tap To Fly, Tracking, Flight Modes, Flight Protection and Return To Home, so it isn’t skimping on the feature front either.

spark 3


With a 16min battery life and top speeds up to 50kmh, battery life isn’t great but more than enough to capture fleeting moments when you want and with the Fly More pack with an extra battery this would be more beneficial to people who want it.

I’m very excited for the Spark but I’m still considering a Mavic but I guess it comes down to preference the usage required for a drone but at £500 the Spark is very competitively priced and featured pack and it’s size factor could be the deciding factor for a lot of people stuck on space.

*This is just a breakdown and opinion on the Spark but some Youtubers have had hands-on time with the Spark*




I’d love to hear your opinions on the Spark and Drones in general – let me know in the comments below.


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