Power Of Video conference, Belfast

Set in the stunning St Anne’s Cathedral the Power of Video conference returned for it’s second year and with it came a buzz of Youtubers, Filmmakers and Social Media giants. It’s a conference aimed at creators and how to use video to increase brand awareness and your following, with massive Youtubers like Shonduras and Viacom’s Thomas De Napoli speaking it highlights the blurring lines between social media and mainstream content creation and how to utilise both to the benefit of both too.

Unfortunately I was only able to attend the Friday afternoon part of the conference due to work commitments but lived vicariously through the excellent use of social media from both the conference itself and creators involved, Instagram stories is gonna make this type of  BTS sharing massive.


On Thursday, a Masterclass event was held in the newly built Bullitt hotel with the day being broken down into Morning Business and Afternoon Filmmakers talks. Including speakers such as acclaimed filmmaker Philip Bloom, Youtube sensation Devin Supertramp and local Facebook expert Peter McNicholl, this would have been an amazing experience for anyone passionate about creating and steps on how to improve your branding and content.masterclass

Friday was the main event itself and as I’ve stated missed the morning talks of business and branding so cannot comment on these unfortunately (especially bummed out to miss the Philip Bloom talk, though I get talking to him outside briefly). Friday afternoon was the Creator segment and this was one of the most motivating inspiring afternoons in content creation learning. From Arron Crascall and Cian Twomey speaking about cross networking on Facebook and Snapchat (Arron made a video live while doing his talk) to a showcase of local talent with vlogger Jake Munro, Youtuber Toxic Tears and graffiti artist/vlogger Visual Waste, this was great to see as the audience is made up of local creators and shows that it can be done.

Next up was helicopter pilot Bradley Friesen (you may remember him from Casey Neistat’s video riding a jetski around icebergs) who spoke about capitalising on collaboration and the key of consistency when creating content. It was an enlightening talk coming from someone who has worked with one of the biggest Youtubers on the planet and his journey on how to use that springboard to further his own content, daily vlogging and epic adventures are now par for the course.

The highlight of the day for me personally was Peter McKinnon, farely new to the Youtube world but with 12 years experience of videography and photography, his content is stunning and inspiring. To hear his journey of working 9-5 jobs until the point of going out on his own was motivating in itself to me. His speech focused on “Done is better than perfect” which is that it is better to create and learn than get caught up chasing perfection when perfect doesn’t really exist and it’s we should just continue creating to better our content.


McKinnon was then followed up by father son Youtube duo What’s Inside? talking about their process of making things work and consistently outputting content along with the struggle of guessing the algorithyms involved in social media, for example their rattlesnake video was a backlog video they kept to post on a quiter week that ended up blowing up to be one of 2016’s biggest viral videos.  They also treated us to an edit from an upcoming video which should be posted soon.

After a brief intermission we were back for a Vlogger Panel with Shonduras, Peter McKinnon and Bradley Friesen on the struggles associated with vlogging and how to consistently produce content. It was an insightful talk about how switched on you need to be always creating content, grabbing onto opportunities when they arise and networking with other creators and brands to become successful and ended with a Q and A session from the audience, including David Meade throwing a boxed microphone around the room.


The event drew to a conclusion with a key note speech by DevinSuperTramp on his inspirational journey from Utah to working with some of the biggest creators and brands out there all while staying true to his own vision, drawing comparisons from his own story to Northern Ireland in that we have the talent here and should be networking and working together to increase exposure to everyone, to paraphrase a rising tide raises all ships.

In a touching moment he asked a young kid at the front who in the room he wanted to work with and when the kid couldn’t answer Devin asked the audience who wanted to work with the kid and a few hands went up, Devin stating he wanted to see the result of the collaboration in the future, couple more minutes into the presentation I noticed the two guys swapping contact details and talking camera. Great to see.

After getting a brief taste of the Power Of Video it has lit a fire underneath me to create and network with fellow local creators, and I know for a fact when it returns in 2018 I’ll be seeing a LOT more of the conference.

To end the post here’s a couple of photos of meeting Peter McKinnon and Shonduras also meeting Philip Bloom outside the event.



Hopefully you liked this post and if you are in Northern Ireland and interested in video and social media follow Power Of Video and their updates. I’d love to know in the comments who would like to see speak at POWER OF VIDEO 2018


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