Staying motivated being creative

We all have ruts we fall into from time to time being creative, whether it be too much time spent on other activities, busy week at home and you just want to go home and chill or the weather just isn’t the best to go out and shoot stuff. I’m currently in this predicament where I have the want to go out shooting video/photo but the weather is just bad enough that I just go home after work and with family life and a 9-5 job I do struggle to commit time to this hobby that I love.

With that in mind the motivation is still there and I want to talk about that today, activities and tips to staying motivated whilst being creative.

CONSUME INSTEAD OF CREATE- 24DE310F00000578-2918052-image-a-1_1421750756884.jpg

Watch what you love, let it inspire you, take notes on it or just get comfy on the sofa and watch Netflix, enjoy the downtime but have it in your mind to analyse it afterwards – why did you like it? how did it make you feel? A break can also be beneficial to let you recharge your batteries ready to get back out there and create again



Maybe while watching easy digestible tv or netflix, get you notebook out and jot down shots you WANT to take, remember that alley you walk past to get coffee or the way the light breaks through in a certain area in town, brainstorm maybe 10 shot ideas to jog your brain into thinking creatively.



I’ll admit I only really started doing this recently, but using this technique with the one above you can always being thinking creatively in your day to day life without forcing it. Maybe one day walking to work you then jot down your ideas of shots then day two you do the same walk this time with your camera out taking those shots without using the notes, when home compare if your shot was close enough to the idea. It’s another way for me to keep motivation up without really thinking of it, if I see something I like I can just get a shot then and there.



Kind of an extension to the shot list but also have a notebook handy to write down ideas, they won’t always come when you sit down to brainstorm, you could be grabbing a coffee and come up with a killer idea for a video and forget by the time you get home, heck even use the note app on your smartphone. Then in the time you would use to brainstorm use it to flesh out and edit ideas from your notes. It’ll help streamline the process AND you won’t get pissed as much with writer’s block.



Find likeminded people to help drive each other forward. Stuck on an idea, talk it over with them, share the problem and vice versa. A rising tide raises all ships so help each other out and have fun in the process, again the motivation from working in a group and having someone pushing you along will come naturally not the hitting your head against a wall type of motivating yourself. It could be as simple as going for a quick coffee to share ideas and try and resolve problems.


Work No. 890: DON'T WORRY 2008 by Martin Creed born 1968

Don’t over think and stress about it too much, take a break and recharge, motivation can’t be forced so just work on maximising it when you have it and don’t let it affect you. This is an incredibly fun hobby so have fun with it, can’t be motivated to shoot a certain genre, experiment with something else, can’t get out of the house, experiment shooting indoors, use what you have.

These are just some small tips that I use to motivate myself and to utilise productivity when I get it with motivation, I’d love to know in the comments how you get over motivation ruts and what tips you use to stay creative.

Hopefully you enjoyed this post



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