Weekly Photo Post (06/06/17)

Ok so these haven’t really been weekly, my fault for slacking but I promise I’ll strive to get them done weekly from now on. Second part of the series where I try and break down why I chose to take these phoeos and how I edited them to taste.

Feel free to comment below if you liked the series or why you don’t like them, constructive criticism is always welcome. If we don’t seek knowledge we’ll never grow.

All photos have been taken from my instagram within the last week up until today (6th June)


This was taken walking home one day looking across Belfast towards City Hospital (its the big white building on the left) but I loved the cloud formation here and edited to draw them out making them more pronounced and also make the hue of the sky more dramatic.


belfastcityhall (1 of 1)

I took this on my way home from the Power Of Video conference and the way the golden hour light hit Belfast City Hall adds a lot of warmth in contrast to the dark evening sky, I edited as such to make the contrast between the two more intense and bumped up the warmth on the building to reflect golden hour.


eyeee (1 of 1)

This was more experimenting than anything, I found my old macro lens for my Sony A35 and started messing around taking macro shots. I love the colour and tone of this (glad I have blue eyes) I lowered the contrast and raised the clarity to make the details more striking also raising the highlights to really bring out the glint of the eye.


bokeh3 (1 of 1)

This was another experimentation shot using the Panasonic 25mm f1.7 to create a bokeh filled background with the foreground of the phone in focus showing the deliberate subject. In honesty I’m not too big a fan of this edit as some of the tones are a bit off but I love the contrast of the details in the background.



This was an attempt at street photography one lunch time when I spotted this man sitting obviously taking a quick rest from walking, I like the contrast in his strained break to the other passers by in the background. I edited this on my phone using an old film preset and tuned accordingly to bring out a street style vibe.



I took this shot after a heavy down pour left a huge puddle on my way to work, I took inspiration from fellow Belfast instagrammer @dillonosborne and decided to do my own puddle reflection shot. I quickly edited this on my phone using Snapseed to add a bit more drama and contrast to the shot.



This was taken on a  lunch time photo walk around Belfast Waterfront Hall, and I love the architecture of this glass outcrop and had been wanting to get a shot on this day as I was composing my shot the two businessmen walked into frame and spotted my adding another element to the shot. I edited this on my phone using Snapseed to add clarity to the structure and add a bit more drama to the shot.


So there we have it, a bumper second “weelky” photo post along with some insight into why and how I took the picture. I’d love to hear what you think about my photos as well as if you shoot too, as always I’m looking more creative photographers and videographers to follow.



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