I’m still here….

SOOOOOO………… I’ve been kind of slacking on the blog front from shooting more photos than I used to and the humdrum of daily 9-5 working and throw in a few Christenings, Weddings and other occassions, there is only a finite amount of time during the day. And the blog has suffered.

This will change.

Over the last while I’ve been solely working on Instagram and trying to build a following on the platform and am enjoying photography again. But it has lit a fire underneath me to keep creating, keep working and strive to be more creative in other avenues. I want to produce and FINISH (this is the kicker for me) video work, I have a few ideas for informative and entertaining series alongside behind the scenes vlog type stuff, they won’t be 10min Casey Neistat type vlogs but I want to dip my toes into at least posting a video every other day (that’s going to be hard)

So this is basically an update that I’m still here and still creating but it’s more of the unseen foundations I’m working on before going above ground.

Thanks for staying supportive and I hope you enjoy the results when I do start posting more regularly.



3 thoughts on “I’m still here….

  1. Good Luck. I wish you success. I know the feeling. I have been working on growing my Twitter handle and Instagram. So I understand how hard it is to create and stay engaged.


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