Things to avoid in your videos

As we all have a blank start line when we begin our foray into videography, photography, drawing or anything creative we always look at the things that inspire us and motivated us to begin creating in the first place. We start making similar content to the  ones we aspire to be before we can find our own style. BUT we NEED to find our own style, our own ways of doing things but using our peers to inspire our choices.


The thing to creating our own content, in my opinion at least is to LEARN from the things you steal, why it works, break it down and copy the best bits, not wholesale copy because it won’t be your style and you won’t learn from it.

So in a round about way I want to talk about trends that are currently overused in the world of videomaking and ways to avoid or learn from them.


CASEY NEISTAT STYLE VLOGGING – Taking part of his videos in itself would be ok, with his background in tv and film, he brings a lot of cinematography techniques to the game so there is alot to learn. BUT please don’t just straight up use every aspect of his video, don’t be a clone. There is way too many boosted board owning, sunglass wearing, chill hop beats that in itself has become a parody, Sara Dietschy launched her Youtube Career on the back of lampooning Neistat.


SAM KOLDER TRANSITIONS – ZOOMS and LUMA fades are cool in their own right but in a 3 minute travel video where everything is zooming and keyeing out it becomes a disjointed mess and hard to actually pay attention to the actual shots. Use sparingly or creatively and it helps add dimension to the story just not overkill the visuals.


LUTS – In itself these are another good tool to learn about colour grading, apply it, tweak it and learn from it to apply to your own projects, just don’t slap on a LUT and call it a day. I use a LUT designed for my camera to bring it into rec709 format than grade accordingly, but the overuse is not paying attention to your shots then sticking M31 Osiris ontop to make your footage cool, LUTS are designed for footage shot specific ways or to give looks (M31- Hollywood Teal and Orange)


TROPICAL HOUSE MUSIC – For a start not every travel/lifestyle benefits from this type of music, but also music and audio should be as important to your video as the footage you record. Pick music that compliments the scene and vibe of the video to create more depth and emotion.


RANDOM B ROLL – Droneshots and timelapse are a cool creative visual but don’t rely on them, use them to they’re full advantage to add to the story. Drones can show location or pull out to show scale and timelapses can show passing off time, use them effectively not just vlog/shoot for a bit then jump to drone shots. More culprits I would suggest is the bokeh out of focus leaves and recording your feet as you walk, if it adds a layer to the story use it, eg showing you walking then cutting to you stating “you’ve had to walk 2miles to get to this landmark”


This isn’t meant to be too bashy a post, I just wanted to share my opinion on what I think are some over used trends in videos and that to be truly successful you need to find your own style, steal all the techniques you want but learn from them and apply them creatively and intelligent to your own style.

I’d love to hear what you think in the comments below.


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