How to be more productive day to day

I’ve wrote previously about how to stay creative when motivation trails off but today I want to dig into my process of staying productive on a day to day basis. I work a 9-5 job at the minute and between posting on instagram, writing my blog and editing down vlogs – finding time to spend with family and friends always take precedence and I slack off. Here’s my methods to keep that happy mediumAs I’ve started getting moreĀ  and more serious about my creative outlets time during the day shrinks and I need to start planning more and more ahead in how I spend my time.


1) Break down what you want to do – How many times do you get a spare minute and decide to write that blog post, edit that photo or work on a vlog but get stuck or distracted. Break things down into smaller manageable chunks – say you have an hour free in the evening – plan it out so you only spend 30mins editing your photos and the other 30mins organising your media for your vlog. Plan time more efficiently and set aside chunks and STICK to it.


2) Plan your week – I’ve started planning out my weeks and what I want to post or do. Plan everything including your job and sleep – be generous of time and fill in any space you can with little bits of creative work – half an hour free in the morning? Brainstorm that idea, work out shot ideas for that video. If it’s planned it all falls into place easier instead of frantically working on everything at once. It also provides a schedule to stick to, Monday’s become blog day and Sunday is video day etc, it’s a clear goal that needs to be reached too.


3) Fill time better – As above (and using the old professor and jar analogy) if you have your days planned out you can increase work down easily, for example I had half an hour this morning where I brainstormed this post and now it’s lunch time I’m using the notes to write it. Because it’s planned and pretty much done I spend 20mins writing it up in my lunch instead of scratching my head and wasting time. Another example for me is planning video editing late at night – everyone’s in bed and I connect my laptop up to the tv to edit more effeciently, an hour of this feels like 3hrs progress.


4) Notepads – I wrote about this before too but this is one of if not the biggest tip I can give, for all the planning and improving time management in the world. A simple pen and notepad trumps it all. Morning commute and come up with an idea – write it down, find a cool shot while on the bus – write it down, researching stuff at lunch – write it down, I’m saying “write it down” generally but any kind of instant note taking will improve and fill in all the blanks that planning and being organised leaves behind.


5) Use your phone – Everyone has a phone, everyone uses it too much but we hold a small computer in our hands so we may as well use it, from taking test shots or location ideas, to note taking and dictation, to calendars and to do lists, to social media and scheduling – use your phone productively and you’ll notice an improvement. This fits into the above of notepads too. When you have all info on you at all time it helps you break down your day, plan it out and stay productive everywhere. Shout out to Evernote, Google’s suite (Calender, Drive and Gmail) and Trello , apps that I use daily to help plan and stay on top of things

This are just some simple tips that help ME be more productive in my day to day life, I’d love to hear your thoughts down below in the comments.



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