What Motivates Me

Bit more of a wordy one today – talking about what motivates and inspires me to create from photography to video and general life here’s what keeps me ticking along on this creative hobby of mine.

I’ve spoken before of having a 9 to 5 job and the worst thing is how easy it is to just go home and lounge around watching tv, checking social media or just doing nothing. Over the last while though I got head-banged-against-wall bored of it and decided to start using Instagram to post photos on. I’ve always taken photos and made little videos but it was mainly for myself or Christmas videos that got shown around the family. I’m not professional by any stretch but I feel I fit into the better than average category so decided to really knuckle down and start posting my photos and working towards making videos.

DevinSuperTramp talking at The Power Of Video

Fast forward 6months and I personally feel that I’ve made huge improvements with my photography, improving my composition and editing within photography. I’ve had photos posted on feature accounts and done a take-over on a large media outlets instagram, I’ve went to Meetups and events that I wouldn’t have got to without doing photography. And I’m loving it.

I’ve now starting doing YouTube (yea I know I only have one video up but it’s the start of that journey) and drawing upon various inspirations and my own skills to try and make the content to the best of my abilities.

I think this leads nicely on to what and who motivates me (I plan to do a more indepth post of my favourite creators and local creators soon)


The biggest thing that motivates me at present is the local creative community around Belfast, a city that on the surface is maybe a few years behind everything else but dig under a little bit theres a thriving, bustling and creative culture that’s about to explode into the mainstream in no time. There’s hundreds of talented photographers and nurtured by the feature accounts (Document Belfast, Best Of Belfast & Insta_NI for example) that push and drive me forward, it’s not a competition, more a rising tide raises all ships kinda vibe. Seeing various angles and interpretations of such a relatively small city is amazing to see the amount of content being created daily.

In my video work I try and take my eye for composition from photography and apply it but I love learning new techniques and processes even when it’s not necessarily being taught. Watch a Casey Neistat vlog carefully and you’ll pick up enough cinematography lessons to get you ahead of the curve. Same applies to Peter McKinnon, both these guys take their wealth of experience creating content over the years and apply it to mainstream vlogging and Youtube culture. Again Belfast is starting to catch up with proper cinematography style content creation from the likes of Dillon Osborne, Him With The Beard, Jake Munro and Visual Waste creating visual interesting thoughtful content but still highly entertaining. There also has been the introduction of The Power Of Video conference in Belfast (which I wrote about HERE) in only it’s second year it’s filling out venues and attracting leaders in the youtube/video/social media space which is amazing to see so many others from such a small city as Belfast attend and get excited for.

DILLTAKES (1 of 1).jpg
Belfast King Nibbler – @diltakesphotos

And lastly what motivates me is work ethic. It’s amazing to see the work ethic that some content creators have and it makes me jealous, I really have to push through and work towards it but it is becoming easier (see HOW TO BE PRODUCTIVE DAY TO DAY) and I said above there’s a rising tide raising all ships vibe going on in Belfast, the work ethic is driving me to stay current and relevant. To single out one, Dillon Osborne is Belfast’s version of Casey Neistat, the guy posts photos on several accounts DAILY, does Instagram stories that are basically a mini-vlog and he posts full vlogs on Youtube. Meeting Dillon a few times he’s an awesome friendly dude but he’s always hustling. I highly admire this work ethic and this is while working full time too. The fact that we all have the same finite period of time in a day and others get the amount of work done is a massive adrenaline shot to my arm to keep driving along with my own content.

I’d love to hear what motivates you and keeps you creating down below in the comments, I gotta run now I’m motivated to make a video lol.

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