I’m Starting A Podcast

Voice is going to be one of the biggest mediums of content and entertainment. It’s only going to get bigger. I blog and write here sharing my thoughts, ideas, goals but I want a place to share it in more depth. Continue reading


Only Just Media Summit 2018

Coming from Northern Ireland, a sub country of the UK it can take things a while to trickle over to us. We are a bit behind in a lot of aspects and one main example is the use of social media and content creation.

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Meet The Creators #7: Tidal Treasures

Another week another Meet The Creators series, this one is slightly different in that it is someone using content creation and social media to further their business. In the current day and age, we all need our own branding and content to post to entice potential customers and Danika Sheppard (Tidal Treasures) uses her tools as a photographer to create eye-catching content to go along with her bespoke beach-combed jewellery.

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Meet The Creators #6 – Jess Lowe

In the new digital age where everyone from bloggers, musicians, content creators, influencers are all there own brand, having a fitting on-brand headshot creates a person first vibe to social media platforms and websites. Jess Lowe is a Belfast based headshot photographer specialising in entreprenuers and content creators. She took the photos I use as part of my A Gallon Of Caffeine branding and was lucky enough to ask her a few questions around her process and work. Continue reading

Meet The Creators #5 – OnlyJustLucy

New Meet The Creators post, this time I was honoured to ask the questions to serial videographer and Youtuber OnlyJustLucy. I first got introduced to Lucy on a compilation video she made for Gary Vaynerchuk and then again with a Belfast edit showing off her version of the city. I love seeing how different people view the same things and especially in somewhere as small as Belfast.

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First up Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year, I hope everyone had a great festive period. After quite a long break (few personal issues) I’m back and ready to knuckle down and start off 2018 with the hustle. Before that I want to reflect on 2017 as the most creative year for me. Continue reading

The Gear I Use and How I Vlog on The Panasonic G7

I haven’t been highly active in posting new content but after a few weeks break I’m back and more hungry than ever to create interesting and enjoyable content. Whether that be Instagram photos and starting to utilise the Story feature to Youtube videos and even writing on this very blog. I had made plans to go shoot a vlog today but the Belfast weather wasn’t playing ball so I decided to do a Gear video.

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Another week another new Meet The Creators, this week I was lucky enough to ask the questions to Jack Rice, a Belfast based travel and lifestyle Youtuber and Instagrammer. Focusing on quality over quantity Jack pushes his visual message through short films on Youtube and portrait/adventure photos on Instagram through clever editing and post. Continue reading