How to improve editing workflow

We all love creating things but there is only so much time in a day to get things done. From working 9-5, to family time and other hobbies sometimes we can all stand to get creative in how we work to help speed things up. This is mainly a video editing workflow improvement but some of them will transfer over to other skills Continue reading


Resources to improve your videography

Being someone who is still new to the world of videography but with always having a passion for filming I wanted to improve my knowledge and shooting abilities, how to compose frames better, using lighting to help the scene, technical aspects such as frame rates and grading I started to learn the process of improving from recording video to actually thinking about filming. There is a difference, the same as everyone can take a photograph you need to understand the components to produce a good photograph or that everyone can write but you need to understand the nuances of language and plot points to write a good story. Continue reading

My Video Gear

Yesterday I spoke about wanting to do more video creation and as a follow up I want to talk about the gear I will be using to create these. I am not highly invested in my video setup but I feel I have enough different versions of gear and accesories that I will be able to create interesting and entertaining viewpoints. And at the end of the day gear doesn’t matter, story is king.

  1. My DSLR – Even though it is a few years old I still use my Sony A35 DSLR for most of my videomaking, it has a 16mp sensor and outputs in full 1080p HD in AVCHD format so it works well in my editing suite of choice. The quality does look a bit detoriorated now in comparison to the newer cameras available but I am still happy with the results this little DSLR produces and I am still only starting out so I’m using the gear that I already have. Who knows I may invest and upgrade in the future but until then the Sony A35 will be my go to camera for quality shots.
  2. My phone – As I wrote in my iphone article I currently own an Honor 7 Android smartphone which I also said the camera is a bit shocking on it, well in good light situations you can get an acceptable quality shot when using the rear camera, the front is a washed out noisy mess. But it shoots in 1080p also so easy to edit in unison to the 1080p from my DSLR. I mainly use my phone for timelapses and B Roll type shots to fill in action that I can’t get with a single camera setup with my DSLR. Again using the gear I already own and I’m stuck in a contract with my Honor for another year and a half.
  3. My Action Camera – Again a bit of a budget find I picked up a Kitvision Splash HD camera from my local supermarket for £30 (down from the original £65) as I was unsure to what extent I would use an action camera and didn’t want to invest GoPro kinds of money on a piece of kit I wouldn’t use. The quality from the camera is actually pretty decent when it’s from a stable point but on action and walking shots the stabilization lacks and the end result is a bit of a rolling jumble but beggars can’t be choosers, I can get the shot I want and in the future I will know if an action camera is worth the investment.
  4. My Tripod – I don’t actually have this yet, but for my birthday next week I’m getting a Manfrotto 146cm tripod so I can’t speak of the results but I know Manfrotto are a respectable well known make in this field and will write about this later.
  5. My Microphones – I used to livestream on Twitch for a while and invested in a Blue Snowball microphone and the results are highly impressive, it is a directional microphone so needs to be sitting around a metre away from the subject but it picks up all sound clearly and for £50 I am delighted with the results. I also use a Rode VideoMic Go with my DSLR and occassionally mounted on a tripod to use with my phone, the results are once again great and the fact it powers from the device is a handy aspect so you don’t have to run batteries or turn on the mic when you want to record, you just record from the device and audio is picked up.
  6. My Laptop – Another oldy here, I use a three year old HP Pavillion with 8gb RAM and other specs I’m not quite sure about but it’s a nice laptop that’s easy to run but provides decent specs for video editing and other functions I want to perform, I have a 1TB hard drive in it so space isn’t an immediate problem either and can record at full 1080p and wav audio with no issues. I am however looking into upgrading as workflow increases as render times can be a bit daunting on this.
  7. My applications – To video edit I use Sony Movie Studio 12 which I have used for a few years, I know the applications, it’s limitations so can work within these to create the content I need with wishing to upgrade. To record and edit audio I use Audacity as it’s a free program but it’s suite of features rival most paid for services. To record and hold audio interviews I will use Discord, it’s a free cross platform service to rival skype but I find it is a much easier interface with overall better sound quality and is primarily used with my target demographic.

Hopefully you liked reading about my gear and what I use on a daily basis to work and will continue to use going forward in my first tentative Youtube steps.

I’d love to see what you use to create your content, is there a must have piece of kit you have that you would be lost without? A programme that I haven’t listed? Let me know in the comments