Only Just Media Summit 2018

Coming from Northern Ireland, a sub country of the UK it can take things a while to trickle over to us. We are a bit behind in a lot of aspects and one main example is the use of social media and content creation.

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Why it’s okay to take a creative break.

We all get burned out. We all suck sometimes. We all have other things going. We all find excuses.

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How to grow on Instagram

I’ve recently started posting on Instagram as a way to show off my photography and interact with other content creators and despite it’s flaws (algorhythmic feeds etc) it’s still an amazing platform for photography and videography. It’s also hard to gain traction among it’s 700million user base while I’m still in the early stages of the instagram game I wanted to share the methods I use to upload and how to use the platform effectively, hopefully you find it helpful and you can always comment below on how you use the service or where I may be going wrong. These are just the ways I use instagram. Continue reading