OK it’s been months. I haven’t posted anywhere for a few months. I needed time. I needed recalibration. Continue reading


Tips for improving AUDIO for Youtube

I wrote last week about Putting The Work Into Youtube and one of the key points I stated was just how important audio is to the overall quality of the video. I am no means an expert but from making videos and a fair amount of research and trial and error I want to share some of my tips for improving your audio for Youtube some of these are basic housekeeping and some are DIY hacks I’ve found to help when budget and gear is lacking. A key thing to youtube and indie filmmaking is USE WHAT YOU ALREADY HAVE. Continue reading

Why I Started A Patreon

Before I even start this post I want to acknowledge that I haven’t been blogging for that long a period of time and what fucking right do I have to be setting up a Patreon, a service that encourages people to pledge and contribute towards my content creation.

Hopefully this post will help clarify my standing on it.

I may have only started creating content on both my blog and youtube channel but I have dreams and aspirations of the content and will strive to create the best content I possibly can, and with the thought of Patreon and the idea of people possibly in the future pledging money is a MASSIVE driver to stay on track and focus on the creating the best stuff I can. It will also force me to schedule more content and take more community focus onboard as people will be paying towards stuff. I WON’T ever detract from my view of what I want to make but there has to be a conversation of what content will work best and areas that I can improve my skills on.

In the future and if my content takes off it will take more of my time to focus on community as well as creation. I want to have to time to build an open welcoming community and this has to start with me. Patreon and the possible monetary support will aid me in making this decision easier to sink time into. This may sound like a selfish thing, I love creating content and building what I have but the increase in revenue would be beneficial to look at it more than a hobby and more as a professional avenue.

It was also set up now to save me setting it up in the future, pledges are always welcome and I understand it will be a while before any one passes a thought on whether or not to pledge but I wanted to have it set up to add another factor in the whole A Gallon Of Caffeine portfolio, it’s only one of the ideas I have going forward to help me create more content.

There is also the add bonus of setting rewards for tier supporters, allowing me to set discord chat, exclusive content and more community rewards such as giveaways and prizes.

Hopefully this has added a bit more transparency on my choice to open a Patreon.

You can find my page here: A GALLON OF CAFFEINE


I’d love to hear any feedback or suggestions around this decision, let me know in the comments below.


I really want to do Youtube

I have always made films and little videos just for myself but it has always stayed as just that, a way to keep memories or to share with friends and family to show them something I made. Over the last while I have been tinkering around with video editing and recording more footage with the hope of it becoming usable or watchable in a longer video. So going forward I WILL start posting it to my youtube channel however I’m not sure what avenue this will take, whether it be vlogs, tech review or something along a more creative route (skits, interviews or opinion pieces to compliment the writing on my blog)

I recently went to Belfast Culture Night and made a video for my blog instead of writing about it, a picture makes a thousand words as they say. You can watch it above. Even from one night shooting video and editing it down to a coherent watchable few minutes was enough for me to decide to start focusing more on the video front.

So keep an eye out for more videos coming in the near future.

I also want to take this opportunity to apologise for the lack of posting on the blog lately, this will increase immediately.

Until then, I’d love to hear suggestions of youtubers that you love to watch and link your own channel here, I’d love to watch what you guys are creating.