The Gear I Use and How I Vlog on The Panasonic G7

I haven’t been highly active in posting new content but after a few weeks break I’m back and more hungry than ever to create interesting and enjoyable content. Whether that be Instagram photos and starting to utilise the Story feature to Youtube videos and even writing on this very blog. I had made plans to go shoot a vlog today but the Belfast weather wasn’t playing ball so I decided to do a Gear video.

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Vlog ONE : Street Art and Insta Meetups

I finally bit the vlogging bullet with my first blog at a Visual Waste led Best Of Belfast Street Art Tour. Visual Waste, a local street artist who shot to fame with his pop culture based murals around the city including Game Of Thrones and Breaking Bad, brought us on a tour of various Street art in the city organised by the Best Of Belfast Instagram page. Continue reading

How To Vlog

Over the last 18months I’ve been contemplating vlogging but due to a 9-5 office job and responsibilities I just haven’t got round to starting, it’s another “WANT TO DO” mixed in with the pile of “NEED TO DO”. I still want to start and am hopefully gearing up to start sooner rather than later, I have maybe 20 practise vlogs sitting on my hard-drive that will never see the light of day. Continue reading

I’m still here….

SOOOOOO………… I’ve been kind of slacking on the blog front from shooting more photos than I used to and the humdrum of daily 9-5 working and throw in a few Christenings, Weddings and other occassions, there is only a finite amount of time during the day. And the blog has suffered.

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Resources to improve your videography

Being someone who is still new to the world of videography but with always having a passion for filming I wanted to improve my knowledge and shooting abilities, how to compose frames better, using lighting to help the scene, technical aspects such as frame rates and grading I started to learn the process of improving from recording video to actually thinking about filming. There is a difference, the same as everyone can take a photograph you need to understand the components to produce a good photograph or that everyone can write but you need to understand the nuances of language and plot points to write a good story. Continue reading

I really want to do Youtube

I have always made films and little videos just for myself but it has always stayed as just that, a way to keep memories or to share with friends and family to show them something I made. Over the last while I have been tinkering around with video editing and recording more footage with the hope of it becoming usable or watchable in a longer video. So going forward I WILL start posting it to my youtube channel however I’m not sure what avenue this will take, whether it be vlogs, tech review or something along a more creative route (skits, interviews or opinion pieces to compliment the writing on my blog)

I recently went to Belfast Culture Night and made a video for my blog instead of writing about it, a picture makes a thousand words as they say. You can watch it above. Even from one night shooting video and editing it down to a coherent watchable few minutes was enough for me to decide to start focusing more on the video front.

So keep an eye out for more videos coming in the near future.

I also want to take this opportunity to apologise for the lack of posting on the blog lately, this will increase immediately.

Until then, I’d love to hear suggestions of youtubers that you love to watch and link your own channel here, I’d love to watch what you guys are creating.