Meet The Creators #5 – OnlyJustLucy

New Meet The Creators post, this time I was honoured to ask the questions to serial videographer and Youtuber OnlyJustLucy. I first got introduced to Lucy on a compilation video she made for Gary Vaynerchuk and then again with a Belfast edit showing off her version of the city. I love seeing how different people view the same things and especially in somewhere as small as Belfast.

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What I Want To Do In 2018

Happy New Year again everyone, I was going to write up a post about the goals I want to accomplish in 2018 but I’m really not big into setting resolutions or goals.

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First up Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year, I hope everyone had a great festive period. After quite a long break (few personal issues) I’m back and ready to knuckle down and start off 2018 with the hustle. Before that I want to reflect on 2017 as the most creative year for me. Continue reading

The Gear I Use and How I Vlog on The Panasonic G7

I haven’t been highly active in posting new content but after a few weeks break I’m back and more hungry than ever to create interesting and enjoyable content. Whether that be Instagram photos and starting to utilise the Story feature to Youtube videos and even writing on this very blog. I had made plans to go shoot a vlog today but the Belfast weather wasn’t playing ball so I decided to do a Gear video.

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Another week another new Meet The Creators, this week I was lucky enough to ask the questions to Jack Rice, a Belfast based travel and lifestyle Youtuber and Instagrammer. Focusing on quality over quantity Jack pushes his visual message through short films on Youtube and portrait/adventure photos on Instagram through clever editing and post. Continue reading


After a long hiatus, Meet The Creators series is returning and on inspiring note with local Youtuber/Vlogger Joshua Hewitt. If you’ve seen any of Josh’s videos he’s a super friendly motivational guy who shares his stories of bullying, mental health and vlogging his own adventures. Recently featured on Channel 5’s Celebrity Trolls talking about his previous bullying and how he uses that to fuel the fire of positive content creation. Continue reading

Vlog ONE : Street Art and Insta Meetups

I finally bit the vlogging bullet with my first blog at a Visual Waste led Best Of Belfast Street Art Tour. Visual Waste, a local street artist who shot to fame with his pop culture based murals around the city including Game Of Thrones and Breaking Bad, brought us on a tour of various Street art in the city organised by the Best Of Belfast Instagram page. Continue reading

How To Vlog

Over the last 18months I’ve been contemplating vlogging but due to a 9-5 office job and responsibilities I just haven’t got round to starting, it’s another “WANT TO DO” mixed in with the pile of “NEED TO DO”. I still want to start and am hopefully gearing up to start sooner rather than later, I have maybe 20 practise vlogs sitting on my hard-drive that will never see the light of day. Continue reading

Why I Love…..Casey Neistat

Casey is a film maker from New York City who first came to prominence with his 2003 video IPODS DIRTY SECRET gathering a massive 6million views in pre Youtube days it relied on word of mouth and email chaining. Following he got his own HBO show The Neistat Brothers which ran for one season then decided to follow his film making in the online space as it gave him more creative control and audience interaction. After several viral hits, in 2015 he started a personal daily vlog and his figures exploded, within 18months he has shot up from 500,000 subscribers to 4.1million subscribers as of today. You can find him HERE

Casey inspires me in his sheer hard work ethic, his daily vlog is one of the most professional looking pieces of daily content I have seen, from drone shots to timelapse and edited to near perfection, he stated on a recent podcast that his fastest edit session is 4hrs and longest is 11hrs. For the high production values his vlog still has a personality and style which only comes from 10years of being in the filmmaking business and has certainly set a new bar in the vlogging space. There is an excellent TheNerdWriter video that explains alot of the techniques in a better way than I can here. You can find that video HERE

A firm believer in story is king, Casey has stated several times that regardless of the gear and price of the gear you own doesn’t make you a film maker, the under riding story makes you a film maker. Each vlog has mini story following his day as opposed to other vlogs that can be an incoherent mess or a showcase for the youtubers extravagance.

“Truth is so much more interesting than the fiction we’re used to.” –  Casey Neistat

Using a twist on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, Casey created his own Creation Heirarchy which inspires him. Within it it states 3 steps of creativity

1) Create

2) Creations that inspire others

3) Create a tool that empowers others to create

creation hierarchy.png

With this as a driving force Neistat along with ex-Tumbler head Matt Hackett created the social video app BEME which is an application that blocks out the users display so to allow them to share their world without the filter and editing allowed with other mediums. Effectively Neistat has ticked off everything on his own heirarchy, he creates his daily videos, creations that inspire others to becoming filmmakers and I am writing this article from his inspiration to me and created BEME as a tool to allow others to make and share their own videos.

I’d like to end this post by saying the world could use a lot more individuals with the mindset of Casey Neistat. To me he seems like one of the most friendly, most driven and hardworking invidiuals you could care to meet and with his video making he is sharing and inspiring others to be the same. And in today’s global climate we could all take a lesson from Mr Neistat.

This is a post that I have really enjoyed writing as people who inspire me are very important and will add more to this series in the future.

I’d love to hear who inspires who and also if you’re subscribed to Casey?