Thanks to jesslowephotography.com for the sweet headshots

Hey and thanks for stopping by my blog. I’m Chris Gillespie, a 31 year old bearded guy from Belfast with a passion for cinematography, photography and any creative avenue based in the media. I’ve been shooting videos, taking photos and trying to be creative in a hobby capacity for as long as I can remember and as I am starting to get more serious with my own content I want to use the blog to provide help, reviews and content as I try to learn and succeed at both hopefully entertaining and informing along the way.

Hopefully you enjoy my blog as much as I am having writing it.

I also plan to leverage other mediums like Instagram, Youtube, Twitter and Facebook to further my multimedia content.

I am always open to feedback and comments and welcome criticism in a constructive way. I also love working with new people and collaborating with other creators if you want to get in touch hit me up in the contact section or DM me on Twitter or Instagram.

Thanks again for stopping by, hopefully I’ll see you around again